Corporate and Enterprise companies invest heavily in training and in our experience vendors offer rigid inflexible courses that are not always what the customer needs. Storage groups have less time than ever to manage and provision to provide the right level of service back to business. These business people generate $Millions of revenue, so time is essential to ensure that the right people go on the right course.

Many Companies deploy teams in Europe and the Middle East to support global businesses. They are looking for consistency in training services across their organisation and geographies.

Reciprocal have listened to the challenges that face Support Departments who spend days, weeks or even months trying to find companies to deliver this training requirement. The level of cost in time and effort can be substantial, also in many cases includes long haul travel.

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The Right Training

Reciprocal provide the right level of training to the right people, customised to incorporate the clients’ architecture and support services.

This will be a build out service that can be replicated internally as well as ensuring that the company has all the architecture covered and fully documented. The main vendors will be DELL EMC, NetApp, IBM, Legato, NetBackup, TSM, most Tape and VTL Manufactures.

We can include SAN, NAS along with Backup training covering all major Backup Applications.

Relevant culture experience in most industries including Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Commercial, Media, Insurance and Government Bodies Trouble shooting and Administration tasks

Hands on skills

SAN courses that cover, provisioning, adding servers We offer a Professional Storage ‘Training Academy’ that gives your people effective cross platforms skills and knowledge specific to your organisation, helping them to perform more effectively