Assessing Your Centera Environment With ReciprocalPowerPoint Presentation

When was the last time you thoroughly assessed your Centera environment to evaluate whether your Centera is achieving the best possible return on investment? If you’re not sure, your  business is most likely exposed to various levels of risk and wasting precious money on inefficiencies.

As the industry’s foremost Centera experts, our Centera Assessment Service performs an across-the-board health check of your Centera. Reciprocal mines every metadata file (C-Clip), thoroughly analyses your Centera and generates an in-depth Centera Health Report. We show you where your business is most exposed, how you can be more effective and how you can save money! Our assessment service will provide you with a detailed report.

An Assessment provides detailed analysis and reporting to help you benefit from your Centera

  • Capacity consumption with trending analysis  and capacity forecast
  • Retention management and confirmation of current retention policies for regulatory compliance
  • Pool and cluster  synchronisation comparisons to ensure accuracy of replication
  • Free up space that was otherwise utilised through re-sync and deletion
  • Application data retention analysis, ingest  and deletion history
  • Firmware and revision level reports
  • Analysis of warning and error messages
  • End of service life (EOSL) node reporting
  • Summary of remedial actions and recommendations

With this in-depth transparency and expert advice at your disposal, you can make well-informed decisions to improve your      infrastructure,  minimise risk and increase profitability.

The assessment will be undertaken using an application called Dobiminer which is a purposely designed application for the   interrogation and reporting of Centera data environments.

A full documented report will be supplied and a meeting booked to review the findings.

Fast, Compliant Migration of Large Data Volumes to Another Enterprise Compliant Solution (ECS)

We can support you in migrating files and applications:

  • From your present Centera system to a later generation of Centera
  • From Centera to a VNX, Isilon or Atmos Cloud solution or other solutions

With enterprise archives expanding every day, organisations using a CAS solution can be deterred from migrating because of the time involved when traditional file migration methods are attempted.

In contrast, Reciprocal takes a unique approach to the data migration process.

As opposed to migration vendors who migrate data through the host and application, Reciprocal and EMC go behind the application, taking full advantage of the parallelism in the Centera architecture to migrate large volumes – 10 and 100s of terabytes, and even petabytes – of data extremely quickly, without any disruption to your business services for archiving or any impact on operational performance.

The complete audit trail is kept intact throughout for regulatory purposes, while the migration database of object transactions remains accessible on-line to customers for a full five years after each migration.

Highlights of the migration service include:

  • Unmatched data migration speeds TB’s a day
  • Uncompromised compliance – the chain of custody remains whole throughout all audit and migration processes
  • Data integrity maintained – the original data never changes and the Centera system stays as found
  • Real-time migration portal – customers can monitor the progress of audits and migrations and view vital statistics