Reciprocal Group

How it Works

Reciprocal brings people and partners together.

Our use of a virtual team gives us the ability to provide services and solutions to solve the increasing pressure associated with managing data storage. Customers can enjoy the benefits of significant savings through the effective management of information.

We provide the right people; experts who have a high level of understanding and the experience of delivering Corporate / Enterprise solutions, allowing our clients to continue the day-to-day running of their businesses with minimal disruption.

Reciprocal can supply full end to end solutions including:
  • Procurement and supply of hardware and software
  • Full project management
  • 3rd Party Management
  • Implementation
  • Migration Specialists
  • Support
  • Documentation
  • Training

Why partner with Reciprocal?

Reciprocal is an independent company and is therefore able to offer compelling ideas and creative solutions that are not constrained by any one vendor.

We believe in a consultative approach without the need to pressure sell.

If you are being presented with conflicting strategies by hardware vendors, then we can provide constructive advice to ensure you will not be held to ransom by your existing suppliers or manufacturers with their ‘end of quarter’ sales targets.

Our technology specialities include:
  • Storage
  • Backup
  • Virtualisation
  • Data Migrations
  • Data Consolidation
  • Hyper-Convergence